3D Imaging Services

Our services are performed in a clean and comfortable environment, in an efficient and painless manner.  We offer many services and are glad to customize any order.

Radiographs including:

  • Panographic
  • Cephalometric

3 dimensional services offered:

  • CBCT or cone beam computed tomography

Complete Implant work up including:

  • CD and printed cross sections/ Pano
  • 3D rendering, and mandibular nerve/sinus mapping.  Please specify implant site in the referral/prescription form.
    ** Patient to bring order form to appointment.**
  • Both or single arch available.
  • A CBCT and the CD to work up a case yourself
  • Impaction study including cross section, axial, coronal images
  • TMJ scan
  • Lateral ceph. including digital tracing.
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